Yatimcheh; Cheap and Delicious

Yatimcheh; Cheap and Delicious


Yatimcheh; Cheap and Delicious

Sometimes you can cook delicious foods with lower price. Yatimcheh is one of them.


A big onion

Four eggplants

Four tomatoes

Salt, liquid oil, pepper and turmeric (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

First, chop eggplants like cube, add salt to them and wait 30 minutes until their bitter taste is gone. Then, put them in a frying pan, pour oil and roast them until they are cooked.

Chop an inion like cubes and roast it on a separate pan with oil.

Guidance: when the eggplants are cooked, their color changes to orange and they become soft.

Add turmeric and salt to onions and roast them again.

Remove the skin of tomatoes, chop them and add them to the pan of onion. Roast them until their water is evaporated.

Attention: Don’t roast tomatoes with onions. At first, make the pan empty with onion and other materials.

When the water of tomatoes is evaporated, mix tomatoes, eggplants and onion. Then, continue roasting with riling.

Now your food is ready.

Enjoy your meal ?

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