Kharanegh; Historical Village in Yazd

Kharanegh; Historical Village in Yazd


Kharanegh; Historical Village in Yazd

Kharanegh Village, with antiquity of 4500 years, is located in Ardakan county. The village has two parts. One of them is old and the other is new. Old part is vacant and people of the village live in the new section. Population of the village is 435 people. There is an old castle near here which has made this village as a prominent place for attracting tourists from all around the world. If you traveled here, never forget to visit this village. Also, there are different historical sites near the village that we will refer to them.

  1. Kharaneh Castle

The most prominent attraction near the village is the castle with antiquity of 4500 years. In the past, Kharanegh was under attack of many thieves, therefore, people were forced to build a castle for defending themselves.

  1. Kharaneh Caravanserai

There is a big caravanserai near the castle that was a place for passengers.

  1. Tomb of Mashhadak

A tomb near the cemetery of the village. People believe that here is the place that Imam Reza prayed there.

  1. Baba Khadem’s Tomb

Tomb of one of the servants of Imam Reza who became sick and died after years is located near this village. This part has a dome and was repaired in the year of 2011.

  1. Kharaneh Bridge

  1. Bath of Kharaneh
  2. Cistern of Kharaneh

This cistern was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I.

  1. Mosque and Husseinyeh

How to Get There?

The village is located 50 kilometers north of Yazd city and on the way of Ardakan to Tabas county. You can take a taxi or can go there by car, but pay attention to fill the tank of the car.

Address: Iran, Yazd Province, Ardakan Conty, Kharanegh Village

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