Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Travel with Taste of Fear (first Part)

Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Travel with Taste of Fear (first Part)


Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Travel with Taste of Fear (first Part)

Some People are adventurous, so they try to travel to cities in order to discover the mysteries of nature. In this post, we want to familiarize you with scary places of Iran. Be with Dorna Trip.

  1. Ghosts Lake

This lake is near Nowshahr City in Mazandaran Province that people named it from many years ago as Ghosts Lake. Seeing broken trees in the middle of the lake and hearing wild animals’ sounds make you feel terrified. In fact, no one has ever seen ghosts near here, but because of the scary view, it is called ghosts lake.

  1. Jinni Castle

In Kish island, near Greek Ship, there is a castle named as Jinni Castle. If you want to visit this place at night, no one can help you because local people believe that here is a place for jinn.

  1. Bermuda Triangle of Iran

A desert with name of Rig-e Jenn, also known as Bermuda Triangle of Iran, is located in Semnan. This place is one of the hottest places of world covered with salt, sands and hills. During the centuries, no one has been ever passed this desert and no animal lives here. Camels also don`t cross from here. Based on fictions, local people believe that here is the living place of jinn and ghosts.

  1. Takht-e Soleyman

Takt-e Soleyman is an attractive place with a beautiful lake. It is one of the mysterious places of Takab City. Based on local peoples` beliefs, the lake of here was created because Salomon hit his stick to the earth. Different curious passengers traveled there to know more about the lake but they were devoured and their corpses were never found.

  1. Stars Valley

A spectacular Valley with different stones which look like humans. Local people believe that the valley was created 2 million years ago when the stars hit the earth. When wind blows, reflection of it makes a mysteries sound. Ethnic people believe that this sounds is for ghosts.

  1. Maneater Castle

A Bowen Historic Castle Yvghvn is one of the places built by humans and is fictional place. Based on fictions, in the past there was a story that people who went to this castle were faded and never came back.

  1. Bagh-e Sangi

A garden in Sirjan in which the stones are hung from branches of trees. It could be amazing, but when you look at the garden, you may get frightened. Name of this garden is Darvish Khan and owner of it was Darvish Khan Esfandiarpour who became depressed since his garden was dried, so he collected different stones for decorating his trees as their fruits.

  1. Zahedan Kohneh Castle

A castle located near Zabol city in Sistan & Balouchestan Province. Based on fictions, local people believed that ghosts and jinn walk in this castle.

  1. Hell Canyon

In Khoy city, located in west Azerbaijan province, there is a canyon known as Jahannam Darreh or Hell Canyon. No one goes into this place because of its tall mounts and hard crossing ways. This place is a cursed and frightening canyon for the people and some men had tried to cross here, but they fell down and their corpses has never been found.

  1. Jinns Graves

Strange graves of Chabahar city is one of the mysterious places of Iran that people believe jinn was buried in them. At nights, mysterious sounds are heard, so local people believe that they are the mourning sounds of jinn. They also say that if someone crosses here at nights, jinn curse him or her and he/she would become mad and die after few years.

Be with Dorna Trip to know more about mysterious places of Iran in the next posts.

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