Khoresht-e Mast (Yogurt Stew)


Khoresht-e Mast is a traditional dish in Isfahan. This stew is also a kind of dessert. It smells sweat and it’s so delicious.


Neck meat of sheep (200 gr)

Sugar (1/2 cup)

An onion

A yolk

Full fat yogurt (3 cups)

Cup of water mixed with boiled saffron and Rose water

Walnut and almond slices (1 tablespoon)

Salt and turmeric (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

Split onion and divide it into 4 slices. Mix it with meat, put them in a pot and add turmeric to them. Turn on the stove, put the pot on it with medium temperature and wait until the meat is cooked entirely. When the meat is cooked, omit bones and put it on a solid plate and slamming it with a masher. Next step, mix yolk with yogurt and sugar and pour them in a medium pot and put the pot on stove with medium temperature until the yogurt starts boiling. Add mashed meat to them and rile.

A few minutes later, add salt, walnut, slices of almond, a cup of water mixed with boiled saffron and Rose water to mashed meat. After some minutes, it’s ready. It’s better to put it in a refrigerator for 24 hours; because this dessert is more delicious when it’s cold.

  1. Lise Travis says

    This sounds so good!

    1. Javad Khorramabadi says

      Thanks for your comment.

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