Tas Kabab; Kind of Kebab

Tas Kabab; Kind of Kebab


Tas Kabab; Kind of Kebab

Tas Kabab is one of the delicious foods of Iran. Main ingredients of the food are potato, meat, onion and tomato. Tas Kebab is cooked in different ways. You can cook it with minced or stewed meat. If you don’t like meat or you have gout, you can use chicken.


Stewed or Minced meat (200 gr)

Two potatoes

Two onions

Two tomatoes

A carrot

Tomato paste (a tablespoon)

Powder of Pepper


Liquid oil


How to Cook?

At first, chop onions like cubes and roast them in a pan with oil. Add meat to the pan and roast them until color of meat gets changed. Add two cups of water to the pan when the color of meat is changed.

Attention: before adding water, turn off the stove. When it becomes cold, add water and turn on the stove again.

Increase the temperature until ingredients boil. Add tomato paste and mix it with meat and onion. Next, cut potatoes like circles and put them on meat. Pour salt and pepper on potatoes. Now cut tomatoes and carrot like circles and put them on potatoes. Decrease the temperature and put the cover of pan until it cooks. Finally, eat them with bread or cooked rice.

Attention: the only time that the temperature should be high is when you want to boil ingredients. In other steps, temperature should be medium and in final step when you put the cover, it should be low.

Guidance: For cooking Tas Kabab with chicken, use shredded chicken instead of meat.

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