Tourist Attractions of Nishapur

Tourist Attractions of Nishapur


Tourist Attractions of Nishapur

Although Nishapur is a small city, there are different attractions that have made this city known for many people from around the world. Be with DornaTrip to know more about Nishapur.

  1. Monument of Khayyam

Khayyam is an astronomer, poet and mathematician of Iran whose monument is in Nishapur. His tomb is in the garden which is believed Khayyam used to live in.

  1. Attar Monument

Attar Monument is located 500 meters’ western part of Khayyam’s tomb. Attar was a well-known poet of Iran killed by Mongols during the execution of Nishapur people by soldiers of Genghis Khan.

  1. Ghadamgah Garden

Between Nishapur and Mashhad, there is a place named as Ghadamgah garden. Reason of naming here as Ghadamgah is that there are two footsteps on a black stone that some people believe they are footsteps of Imam Reza.

  1. Greeneh Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located 40 kilometers northeastern of Nishapur in a village with name of Greeneh.

  1. Sarney Cave

Sarney Cave is in the village of Derakht Jows in 10 kilometers northwest of Nishapur. This village has an awesome nature with tall trees whose age is nearly 400 years.

  1. Baghroud

Baghroud is a green region in 12 kilometers northern of Nishapur about where we explained in previous posts. You can visit different parts here like Haft Ghar, Buzhan, Barfriz and etc.

  1. Bar Waterfall

Bar is a village situated in 55 kilometers northwest of Nishapur city. There is a beautiful waterfall in this village.

  1. Binalood Mounts

The highest part of Binalood mounts is 3211 meters known as the roof of Khorasan. Although the weather of Nishapur is dry, the summit of the mounts is cold.

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