Ashtikonan Alleys; No Grumping

Ashtikonan Alleys; No Grumping


Ashtikonan Alleys; No Grumping

Yazd city with its historical houses and alleys has different stories about the past. It is known as the heir of Iranian art. Although this historical city has changed during the time, it never missed its great architecture. Ashtikonan are narrow alleys located in Yazd city and there is no one in not knowing here. But what is the mystery of the alleys and why the name of this alleys is Ashtikonan?

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All parts of Yazd city are historical, also houses of the city. Ashtikonan Alleys are the must-to-go attractions. These alleys are located in Fahadan region. They are narrow and zigzag. Ashti is a Persian word which means reconciling. In the past, people believed that if they build narrow alleys, people would be close to each other, so it causes reconciling and friendliness among them.


These alleys are located in one of the oldest parts of Yazd city. Tall walls of the alley are the noteworthy feature of here. The walls of Ashtikonan are built with clay. When you cross in the alleys, never forget to look at the doors decorated with Quranic-written rings.

Houses of these alleys have reticular windows. Architecture of the houses is in the way that they are cold in summer and hot in winter.

How to Get There?

Get to the Fahadan region in Yazd. You will find the alleys near Alexander’s prison.

Address: Iran, Yazd City, Fahadan Region, Ashtikonan or Reconciling Alleys.

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