Sareyn City; Capital of Geysers in The World

Sareyn City; Capital of Geysers in The World


Sareyn City; Capital of Geysers in The World

About Sareyn City

Sareyn is a small town in 30 kilometers west of Ardabil. The city is famous for many geysers and is one of the tourism destinations. The city of Sareyn is at 48.4-degree eastern longitude and 38.9 degrees’ north latitude with an area of more than 128 thousand square meters. The average altitude of the city is 1650 meters above the sea level.

About Geysers of Sareyn

Currently, lots of people are coming to the city every year. Geysers of Sareyn consist of many hot springs such as Qarashoo, Sari Sou, Goli, Gozal, Ab Pahn, Yale, Ab Cheshm, Ghahve Khane and Bashi Baji Lar. The construction of hotels, and the establishment of state institutions and the construction of a new road from Ardabil to Sareen has added to the prosperity of this city.

Source: Pedram Hotel

Geysers of Sareen have chlorine and bicarbonate and they are in the category of high-calcium waters. Investigating the amount of salts show that all of these springs are of the same origin and their main water is hot which boils from the depths of the earth. Bathing in Sareyn Fountains has calming effects and relieves neurological, rheumatic and articular pain.

There are also two cold water pools, located 5 kilometers from Sareyn, in the beautiful valley whose water is like carbonated beverages and tourists swim in it and drink from it as well.

How to Get There?

Sareyn is close to the city of Ardabil, so you can get there by car very easily.

Address: Iran, Ardabil province, Sareyn city, Geysers of Sareyn

Due to the fact that there are several geysers in Sareyn, we chose the closest street to these natural places from where you can have access to most of the geysers.

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  1. Safa says

    Are women allowed to swim there too?

    1. smm183 says

      Yes, there are separate pools for women and men in which you can swim but pay attention to the available hours.

      Introduce us to the others.

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