Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Second Part

Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Second Part


Twenty Scary Places of Iran; Second Part

In the previous posts, we talked about the first 10 scary places of Iran and now in this post, we want to explain about other 10 places. Be with DornaTrip.

  1. Scream Jungle

Near Mashhad city, there is a jungle in which people believe that at nights, a kind of woman`s-being-burnt-in-fire sound is heard. This jungle is located near Torghabeh and Sarborj village.

  1. Cemetery of men without mouth

Near Meshkin Shahr city in Ardabil province, there is a mysterious cemetery. Antiquity of this cemetery goes back to Achaemenid era. The cemetery has 450 graves. One of the mysteries of this cemetery is the size of the graves; the smallest one is 3 and the biggest one is 8 meters. There are frightening shapes on the graves showing the faces of men without mouth.

  1. Ghosts Canyon

Kool Khersan is a canyon located in Dezful city. This place is also known as Ghosts Canyon. Going through the ways in this natural attraction is hard, so it is not offered to non-professional mountaineers. Some mountaineers tried to discover the mysteries of Ghosts Canyon, but they died and their corpses were never found.

  1. Jinn Chimneys

There is a castle near Mahneshan, in Zanjan province, in the rocks. The castle has chimneys which look like soldiers with helmets.

  1. Killer Cave

Parau Cave is located in 12 kilometers northwestern of Kermanshah near Chalabeh village on the height of 3050 meters above the sea level. This cave with depth of 751 meters is one of the deepest caves in the world and killed some of the mountaineers whom tried to get information about the cave . Some researchers tried find the corpses, but the dead bodies of mountaineers were never found.

  1. Accursed Cemetery

A cemetery with name of Sefid Chah is located in Behshahr county in Mazandaran province. Soil of this cemetery is white and graves are vertical. At nights, the weather becomes foggy and ethnic people believe that jinn walk there.

  1. Gonabad Subterranean

The deepest subterranean in the world is located in Gonabad city. Local people believe that this subterranean was dug by jinn.

  1. Graves of Children in The Wall

Some years ago, a wall was discovered in Bam Citadel in which corpses of some children were. It is still unknown whether here used to be an old cemetery or slaughterhouse.

  1. Cottage of Horror

Near Haft Daghnan Village in Anzali, there is a cabana-like place known as the cottage of horror. From the past times until know, people are in this belief that you should not approach this cottage. In the year of 1986, four students tried to stay there, but two of them escaped at night and the other two who tried to stay, died or got mad. Doors of the cottage are locked for some years, but after four years, three girls decided to stay there and entered from the back door. Having two days passed, people found one of the girls 300 meters far from the cottage. She was afraid and was pointing to the cottage, the people broke the locks and found corpses of the other two girls. It is said that they died because of heart attack and their eyes were open while staring to one point. Unfortunately, the third girl committed suicide after four days.

  1. Kal-e Jenni Canyon

As Kool Khersan, this place is also dangerous when you travel without a professional leader. The natural killer is in Tabas and the walls are tall and near to each other. When you go through the walls, you can’t see the sky.

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