Khurak Lubia, A Food With Beans

Khurak Lubia, A Food With Beans


Khurak Lubia, A Food With Beans

Khurak Lubia is an Iranian food cooked with pinto beans. Be with myDorna to get familiar with this delicious food.


Pinto beans (2 cups)
An onion
Two garlic
Four mushrooms
A tomato
A potato
Tomato paste (2 tablespoons)
Lemon juice, salt, liquid oil, water and powder of pepper (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

A day before cooking, put pinto beans in a bowl of water and when you want to cook, throw the water away.At first, chop an onion like a cube and roast it with oil in a pot. When its water changed to orange, separate half of the pieces of onion and put them in another dish. Chop tomato and garlic, add them to the pot, and roast them with pieces of onion. Continue roasting until tomato becomes dry.

Attention: oil may splash when you decent tomato in a pan, so it is better to turn of the stove and when it becomes cold, turn it on again. Be careful.

Add pinto beans with tomato paste to the pot. Roast them with riling until they mix completely. Now add 5 cups of water, put the cover of the pot and let the beans cook for 3 hours.

Attention: again you should be careful when you want to add water.

After 90 minutes, chop potato like a cube and roast it with oil in another pot. Add it to the pot of beans with salt, powder of pepper and half of the onion you separated before after 30 minutes of roasting.

Attention: do not roast potato with oil completely.

Chop mushrooms and add them to the main pot and wait an hour for cooking

Generally, you need 3 hours for cooking.
When your food is cooked, eat it with bread and lemon juice.
Guidance: water of your food should be in a medium amount. If your food has a lot of or a little water, it would not be delicious.

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