Uraman Takht; Heaven in the Heart of Mountains


Uraman Takht is a historical village located in southeastern part of Marivan city (a city of Kurdistan province, Iran) and history of that dates back to 1000 years age. Concept of Uraman name is taken from two parts, ura and man, meaning Ahura Region.

Ura: Ahura

Man: Region

Uraman Takht is one of the most beautiful villages if Iran. If you travel to this place, you will have an experience like being in heaven. Green nature and sound of rivers and birds give you a special peace. This village is surrounded by dense trees. People of this village use woods for heating their houses. This village has 2 parts.

  1. Big part
  2. Small part

Small part is related to Halabja city, a city of Iraq, and the big part is for Kurdistan province in Iran.

History of the Village

Based on proofs, near Nav and Hajij village, these villages are part of Uraman, there were people living with history of 40 thousands years. This people were living during the caving age and immigrated to this region during the time. Some researchers also found some bones and big cemeteries of human from Iron Ages. Archaeologists have also found skins of animals that date back to Parthian and Seleucid empire. It seems that people of that ages used to write their proofs about buying houses, selling things, and etc. on skins of animals.

Architecture of the Village

Houses are stair-formed which means that the stairs of the upper house are the yard of the downer one. Main material of houses is stone. Archaeologists believe that this village was big with cool weather and a lot of rivers. The reason of having kings attracted to Uraman is that there used to be a house of a person with name of Pirshaliar and his monument.

Dress of Villagers

People of this village wear beautiful clothes. Men wear shirt, turban and cotton summer shoes. Women wear long dress, garment and bald hat.

How to Get there?

You can get there by taxi and car after going to Marivan city.

Address: Iran, Kurdistan Province, Southeastern Part of Marivan City.

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