Marmisho Lake; Nature of Urmia

Marmisho Lake; Nature of Urmia


Marmisho Lake; Nature of Urmia

Marmisho Lake with special nature is the resort of different types of animals and plants. In the past, an earthquake happened here and as a result of that a natural dam was constructed. Early inhabitants of here were Christian, so the name of the lake is borrowed form the name of their leader, Banjamin Marmishun.


The lake is located in 45 kilometers west of Urmia near borders of Iran and Turkey. The road to the lake has an awesome view of mounts. The area of the lake is 5 hectares and the depth of it is 50 and 60 meters. Fishes of the lake are famous among the local people of Urmia.


There are different trees here like oak, willow, walnut and etc.


Bears, rabbits, foxes and wolves are the animals living in the vicinity of the lake. In the past, there were goats and leopards, but now they are extinct. In addition to animals, some birds like falcon, partridge and quail can be found here. Aquatics of the lake are martens, salmons and white fishes.


The most special attraction of here are the nomads.

Note that the Best season for traveling here is summer.

Address: Iran, West Azerbaijan Province, Urmia City, Marmisho Lake

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