Cottage of Horror; Real or Unreal?

Cottage of Horror; Real or Unreal?


Cottage of Horror; Real or Unreal?

There is a cottage in Iran near Anzali that is known as cottage of horror. There are different rumors and thoughts which have made people be frightened of that.


There is a village in Anzali, named as Haft Daghnan, with a thick forest. This forest is frightening because of horror cottage in it. It is believed that different sounds are heard from the cabana at nights.

Because of the following reasons, cottage of horror has become more mysterious.

Story of Four Students

In the year of 1986, four students tried to stay there, but two of them escaped at night and the other two who tried to stay, died or got mad. After this disastrous event, the doors of the cottage were closed for some years.

Story of Three Girls

After four years of the first event, three girls decided to stay in the cottage, so they entered from the back door. Having two days passed, people found one of the girls 300 meters far from the cottage. She was afraid and was pointing to the cottage. The people broke the locks and found corpses of the other two girls inside the mysterious building. It is said that the girls had died because of heart attack while their eyes were open staring to one point. Unfortunately, the third girl committed suicide after four days.

From that time, police prevent anyone who want to enter the cottage.

Local People’s beliefs

Local people believe that if you stayed in the house from 01:00 until 08:00 and didn’t die, ghosts would make you a rich person.

Address: Iran, Anzali, Haft Daghnan Village, Cottage of Horror

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