Beh Ghormeh; Stew of Quince

Beh Ghormeh; Stew of Quince


Beh Ghormeh; Stew of Quince

Beh Ghormeh or Stew of Quince is an ethnic food of Shiraz City cooked with Sheep meat and quince. Be with DornaTrip to know more about Beh Ghormeh.


Sheep Meat (300 grams)

A quince

Sugar (2 tablespoons)

Boiled saffron (2 teaspoon)

An onion

Split chickpea (1/2 cup)

Lime juice (a tablespoon)

Pepper powder




How to Cook?

Put split chickpeas in a bowl of water for 2 hours.

Cut the sheep meat. Chop the onion and mix it with slices of meat in a pot. Add oil to them and roast them. When the color of meat changed, add turmeric, salt, pepper powder and 4 cups of water. Put the cover of pot and wait and let it cook with medium temperature.

Attention: be cautious that the oil should not be hot when you want to add water. Turn off the stove and let it become cool and add water then turn the stove on again.

When half of the water in the pot boiled, add split chickpeas, chopped quince, boiled saffron and sugar to the pot. Stir them and put the cover of pot and let the ingredients cook. after 10 minutes when the stew was cook, add lemon juice. Eat the stew with cooked rice.

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