Qu Lake in Mazandaran, Iran


Qu Lake in Mazandaran, Iran

Iran is a rich country in the field of natural attractions and the north of this country is so famous for its good weather and eye-catching seas and lakes.

Qu Lake in Mazandaran is one the most beautiful places which can be a very good choice to visit.

The lake is one or two kilometers away from Javaherdeh that has some platforms to rent for hours and enjoy the time with family.

In addition to the beauty of Qu lake, the weather is so good that every passenger who has visited this place has admired the nature.

Javaherdeh in which the Qu lake has located, is a city near Ramsar in Mazandaran Province. This city is near to Caspian Sea and is 2000 meters in height from the sea.

Javaherdeh is surrounded by Alborz mountain and near to Samamous summit.

In Javaherdeh, half of the year the weather is cool and in the other half, it is covered with snow.

Every season in Javaherdeh has its own beauty, different types of blooms in spring, cool weather in summer, rainbow in autumn and whiteness caused by snow in winter.

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If you want to stay in Javaherdeh for more than a day, don`t worry. There are some hotels and restaurants which welcome the passengers warmly.

How to get there?

If you have decided to travel to Javaherdeh and Qu lake, you can travel to Sari (the center of Mazandaran province) by train and then go to Ramsar and finally attending Javaherdeh and Qu lake.

Mydorna strongly suggests that you travel to this beautiful place at least for one time and also you can enjoy the beautiful road of the north part of Iran which is so popular not among Iranian but also other people from all around the world.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran, Javaherdeh city, Qu Lake

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