Salman Shahr; Enjoy Your Time Near Beach

Salman Shahr; Enjoy Your Time Near Beach


Salman Shahr; Enjoy Your Time Near Beach

Salman Shahr is a city near beach that most of the passengers choose there for enjoying their time. This city has different parts in which you can stay; like hotel, beach and etc.


Near the beach of Abbas Abad in Mazandaran province, there is an attractive city that makes your travel unforgettable. Most of the people know this area as Matal Ghoo while local people know here as Saghi Kelayeh. Area of the city is 750000 hectares.


  1. Caspian Sea

Salman Shahr is a city near Caspian Sea and its beach is one of the best beaches of Mazandaran. You can sit on the sands and look at the dances of the waves.

  1. Forest

A forest near Salmanshahr located in southern part of the city.

  1. Ghue Almas Project

There are two towers here with 25 floors which look attractive. These two towers have different facilities like shopping center, a five-star hotel and etc.

  1. Shopping Centers

There are shopping centers near Salman Shahr. You can find popular brands of different things like Shirt, shoes, jeans and etc.

  1. Water Cave

In the heart of the jungle of Salman Shahr, there is a special attraction of Daniel Water Cave. There are different parts here that would amaze you.

  1. Boat Sailing and Playing

You can pay money for boat sailing in the beach. You can play football, volleyball and make sand sculptures.

For other enjoyments, you can sit in coffee shops or restaurants near the beach or sit under alcoves for drinking and eating.



For staying, you can rent houses, villas, suites, hotels and etc. If you are a rich person and want to enjoy more, we offer you to rent a villa near the sea.


Don’t leave the city without buying souvenirs. Walnut and raisin cookies of this city are popular in Iran.

How to Get There?

For getting there, you need to follow the signs in 3 ways:

  1. Chalus Road, Chalus City, Salman Shahr or Matal Ghoo
  2. Qazvin Highway, Rasht City, Lahijan, Ramsar, Matal Ghoo
  3. Haraz Road, Mahmud Abad Point, Matal Ghoo

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Salman Shahr

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