Termeh; Souvenir of Yazd

Termeh; Souvenir of Yazd


Termeh; Souvenir of Yazd

One of the most important souvenirs of Yazd is a kind of fabric known as Termeh. Termeh has been being weaved in Yazd from 400 years ago. Termeh has being used by Zoroastrians in celebrations for weaving a kind of trousers. Materials for weaving Termeh are silk and wool. Termeh is used for weaving different things like shoes, bag, classic clothes and etc.

In the past, this traditional fabric used to be weaved with hands, but todays it is being weaved by machines.


Light and water are the reasons of paling Termeh. One of the enemies of Termeh is a kind of butterfly. To keep your Termeh, you should use naphthalene. We offer to wash Termeh using dry cleaning.

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