Markar; Museum of Zoroastrians’’ Culture and History

Markar; Museum of Zoroastrians’' Culture and History


Markar; Museum of Zoroastrians’’ Culture and History

Markar Museum is located in Yazd city in which people can get familiar with culture, history and traditions of Zoroastrians. This museum is a part of Markar collection which is in the below part of it. The first phase of constructing Markar Museum started in the year of 2015. Markar complex was built in the year of 1938 by order of Pashootan Ji. At that time, Markar was used as school and dormitory.

The museum is near Yazd Fire Temple. Pashootan Ji Markar was a popular Indian Zoroastrian who helped Iranian Zoroastrians. He traveled three times to Iran during his life for helping Zoroastrians. When you enter the Markar complex, first, you will be introduced with Markar life. You can visit different parts like an old bath and etc.

In underground of the collection, you will see a museum having information of history of Zoroastrianism, different ceremonies of Zoroastrianism, Zoroastrians` Costumes and etc.

Each part of the museum has its own description for each of them there is a person to answer your questions.

Times of Working

Every day from 09:00 A.M until 01:00 P.M. and 04:00 P.M until 08:00 P.M.

Address: Iran, Yazd City, Milad Alley, Markar Collection

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