Windward of Yazd; Cool Weather in Desert

Windward of Yazd; Cool Weather in Desert


Windward of Yazd; Cool Weather in Desert

Yazd is a historical city in Iran and it is also known as the city of windwards. In Iran, Windwards are more common in Yazd City. You will see different windwards on the roofs of the houses as you enter the city. These old coolers could make the hot weather of Yazd cold. The most prominent windward in Yazd is windward of Dowlatabad that is also the highest one existing in the world. It dates back to Zand and Qajar eras. Shape of this windward is octagonal and it makes wind circulate in the lower parts very fast and make the atmosphere of the house cold.

For making the atmosphere cold, wind should hit the surface of water. History of windward is unspecified, but construction of natural air conditioners like these towers show the masterful Iranian art.

The First windwards were built in Yazd and Kerman.

Materials of the windward are clay and wood. There are different types of these towers. Some of them have only one side for having the wind sweeping through, but some of them have various sides for wind to blow from different sides. These towers are usually constructed on cisterns and houses.

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