Ghosts Lake; Beautiful and Frightening

Ghosts Lake; Beautiful and Frightening


Ghosts Lake; Beautiful and Frightening

In the northern part of Iran, in Nowshahr city, there is a beautiful and frightening lake known as Ghosts lake. You may think that calling here as Ghosts lake is just a joke, but if you ask other people, you will understand that here deserves that name.

Length of this lake is 70 and width of it is 300 meters. As its name, this lake is also looking mysterious. At first, you will see broken trees and which have grown reversely because their roots are outside the lake. Accessibility to this mysterious place is hard and you can’t travel here in autumns and winters.

Why Ghosts Lake?

Silence of here is interrupted with sounds of wild animals and if you imagine these sounds and view of the lake with fog, you will definitely get frightened. Shapes of the trees are like ghosts between the lake. If you want to visit here, off-road cars are better than the other types of vehicles. Pay attention to take anything you need for staying because there is no facility near here. Nature around here is suitable for taking photos.

How to Get There?

For getting there, you should follow the road of Chalandar village. After passing the village, you will see fosters. They will tell you how to get there and what to do and what not to do. After speaking with local people, continue the road and when you passed 10 kilometers, you will see the sign of the way to lake. Be cautions that you may see wild animals, so you should have off-road car.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Nowshahr City, Ghosts Lake

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