Alimestan Forest; Green Way to Summit

Alimestan Forest; Green Way to Summit


Alimestan Forest; Green Way to Summit

Northern part of Iran is known for its green nature. Alimestan Forest is one of the places located near Amol city. The forest is home to a kind of herb the name of which is Alimast. There is a summit near here with name of Alimestan.

For getting there, you need to pass Haraz road in which there are mountains suitable for mountaineering. Near here, there is a village with name of Alimestan incredible for passengers and tourists who want to stay for days.


  1. Walking

Cool weather of the forest and awesome landscapes are positive points of here. Never miss opportunities.

  1. Alimestan Village

Before entering the forest, you will see Alimestan village. If you want to stay more than a day, you can rent suites and houses. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can buy cereals, honey, and milk.

  1. Picnic

There is no restaurant near here and you need to take foods with yourself. Going on picnic in here with your friends can be a good idea.

  1. Photography

You can take excellent photos in different views like forest, mountain, plants and etc.

  1. Mountaineering

Climbing Alimestan mountain with 2510 meters is a good choice for the people who like mountaineering. You can see Damavand Summit from here. On the way to the mountain, you will see holes with depth of 10 meters which seem that they are effects of meteorites. Based on beliefs of local people, there are footsteps of Rostam, a legendary hero of Shahnameh, in this forest.

  1. Imamzadeh Qasem’s Tomb

Tomb of Imamzadeh Qasem is located in this touristy place which can be reached after passing trees and mountain.

  1. Riding Bicycle

For passengers who like riding a bicycle in forests, Alimestan Forest is the best choice.


You can tent here and you can also rent a house in Elimestan village for staying.

Best seasons

All seasons with different features are suitable for traveling. Pay attention to have warm clothes in winters. Do not forget to take suitable shoes, flashlight, GPS device and other tools you need in forests.

How to Get There?

Follow Haraz road from Alimestan. After passing 20 kilometers, you see the sign of Imamzade Qasem, follow that way and after passing a short distance, turn left and after passing 7 kilometers, you will reach Lahash Village and after passing Lahash village, you need to pass 5 kilometers to reach Alimestan.

Address: Iran, Amol City, Alimestan Forest

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