Azoo Plain; A Greenland Near Damavand

Azoo Plain; A Greenland Near Damavand


Azoo Plain; A Greenland Near Damavand

A plain near Damavand Mountain with the name of Azoo. You can take a look at Damavand mountain in this Greenland and enjoy cool weather in spring and summer. You can travel to Azoo for different enjoyments like walking, mountaineering, taking photos and etc.

The area of the plain is 35 hectares and it is located near Alborz Mountains and covered with green plants. In springs and summers, weather of here is cool and in winters, the plain is hidden under snow. The plain is located on the way of Firuzkuh to Amol, near Nava Village. Different rocks with different shapes and old trees are here. Rivers of this touristy place are sources for preparing mineral waters.


  1. Walking

For watching different beauties of the plain, you need at least 1 hour of walking. Plain is accessible from Nava Village. Water of rivers of this region is drinkable.

  1. Photography

Imagine you are in a plain surrounded by a mountain. Watching beauties of plain and taking photos with view of Damavand is perfect.

  1. Camping

If you want to camp here, pay attention that nights are too cold and you should have warm clothes. In the mornings and afternoons, sun shines hot, so don’t forget to take sunscreen and sunglasses with yourself.

Note: Check the weather forecast before going to Azoo Plain.

  1. Mountaineering

If you like mountaineering, Pashureh Mount is in the beginning of your way. The most harder way for mountaineering is climbing Damavant, the highest summit in Iran.

  1. Watching Stars

Best season for watching sky of Azoo Plain is summer. You can watch stars and different beauties of sky in this Plain.

Best seasons

In spring and summer, weather is cool here and plain is covered by green grasses. In winters plain is buried under snow and weather is cold, but you can travel in any season.

How to Get There?

Follow Haraz road from Tehran. After passing Rudehen, Imamzadeh Hashem and Polur, you will reach Ab Ask. Follow the way to Nava village from Ab Ask and when you reached Nava, you would find the plain.

Address: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Nava Village, Azoo Plain

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