KUKU SABZI: Persian Baked Omelet

KUKU SABZI: Persian Baked Omelet


KUKU SABZI: Persian Baked Omelet

Kuku Sabzi is an egg-based Iranian dish. It is frequently eaten and it is made with whipped eggs which then are folded in with various ingredients.



Chopped vegetables (parsley, leek, dill, coriander and fenugreek) 600 gr

Three eggs

Chopped lettuce (3 leaves)

Crushed walnut (100 gr)

Barberry (100 gr)

Turmeric and powder of garlic (1 tablespoon)

Toasted flour (3 tablespoons)

Liquid oil (sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

First step: Mix chopped vegetables and chopped lettuce.

Break the eggs and add them to the vegetables. Add toasted flour too.

Second step: Add Barberry and crushed walnut to them and rile altogether.

Third step: Put a frying pan on the stove with medium temperature. Pour liquid oil in it and wait until the oil starts frizzling.

Now add mixed materials to the pan.

Fourth step: Every 10 to 15 minutes, check the food if it is cooked in one side or not. If one side of the Kuku is cooked, reverse it with spoon and let another side of it get cooked.

You can eat this food with bread, yogurt and cooked rice.

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