Khoresh Karafs; Iranian Celery Stew


Celery stew (Khoresh Karafs) is another healthy and delicious Iranian dish. It’s a combination of meat, evenly sliced celery, finely chopped parsley, and some fresh vegetables.


Sheep meat (400 grams)

Stem of celery (400 grams)

Leaf of celery (200 grams)

Pinto beans (200 grams)

Parsley (200 grams)

An onion

Grenadine (one tablespoon)

  Dry mint (one tea spoon)

Liquid oil, turmeric, salt and black powder of pepper (in sufficient amount)

How to Cook?

For cooking celery stew, you can use red or pinto beans. In first step, you should boil beans in water at least for 12 hours before baking.

When you want to start cocking, at first, chop leaf and stem of celery. Mix them with oil and roast in a pan for 10 minutes. Next step, chop parsley and add them to pan and then add dried mint to it and roast them for 5 minutes again. In a separate pot, grate onion like a cube and roast it until the color of onion changes to orange.

You should chop meat like meats you chop for ghormeh sabzi stew. Chop meats like a triangle shapes in size, smaller than medium.

Attention: chop meats but not very small.

After chopping, add them to pot of onion and roast them. Add turmeric and black powder of pepper to it and when the color of the meat changed, add beans to the pot and roast them again.

Next step, add materials in a pan (leaf of celery and its stem) to the pot with 4 cups of water and change temperature in medium and wait for 3 hours until the stew is cooked. At the last 10 minutes, add salt and grenadine to the stew.

Now your stew is ready and you can eat it with rice you cocked before.

Guidance: Way of cocking rice for eating with  stew in every foods like Gheimeh, Ghormeh Sabzi, Chelow Gusht, and etc. Is the same.

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