Tabriz köftesi; Food in The Shape of Circles

Tabriz köftesi; Food in The Shape of Circles


Tabriz köftesi; Food in The Shape of Circles

Undoubtedly, there are some people in Iran who has never heard the name of this food. Koofteh (Kufteh) Tabrizi is very famous in Iran, it originates in Tabriz.


Mincemeat (1 kilogram)

  An onion

  Rice (a cup)

  Split chickpea (a cup)

  Two eggs

  Tomato paste (3 tablespoons)

  Chickpea flour (2 tablespoons)

  Fried onion (3 tablespoons)

  Boiled powder of saffron (1 teaspoon)

  Barberry, walnut, plum, black powder of pepper, boiled egg, savory herb, leek, cinnamon, water, and salt (in sufficient amount)

  Mashed vegetables*(5 tablespoons)


Mashed vegetables like mashed parsley, leek, mint, basil, tarragon and scallion.

How to Cook?

At first, we should prepare sauce of Kufteh Tabrizi. For preparing, pour water in a pot and put the pot on stove in medium temperature. Add 2 tablespoons of fried onion, a tablespoons of tomato paste, savory herb, leek, salt, powder of pepper and cinnamon to it.

Increase the temperature of stove until the water boils. After that, decrease temperature until the sauce gets prepared.

Guidance: It’s better to make split chickpeas wet 12 hours before start cooking.

In the next step, pour split chickpeas in a pot with sufficient water and put it on stove until they start boiling. Then, wash them with cold water in a basket. Boil rice like split chickpeas and mix chickpeas, rice and mincemeat. Grate an onion on the mix dish and grind them. In the next step, add half of the mincemeat with 2 eggs, chickpea flour, cinnamon, powder of pepper and salt to them.

Then, add mashed vegetables. You should knead materials very good with your hands. To have your food shaped as circle, you need a bowl and lace cloth. In the way of putting cloth in the bowl, put some of the materials and after kneading, put them on a cloth. Put in separate bowl a boiled egg. Then add some fried onion, walnut, barberry and plum to them.

Now pick some materials of the bowl (you had prepared before), add them to the boiled egg’s bowl, and by folding like a ball, give it a shape.

Repeat this for the remained materials and when they end, roll them in a sauce we prepared before.

Attention: when you put the balls in a sauce, materials should not boil. Let them change their shape and color. When it happened, change the style of them for mixing them completely with sauce.

After 1 to 2 hours, your food is prepared.

If water of sauce remained, increase temperature until it gets evaporated.

Then pick up balls and put them in a dish very slowly. Let them become cold and Thick. When you feel they become thick, pour sauce on them.

Enjoy your meal ?

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