Kuiy Tareh; Ethnic Food of Gilan

Kuiy Tareh; Ethnic Food of Gilan


Kuiy Tareh; Ethnic Food of Gilan

Kuiy Tareh is the ethnic food of Gilan Province which is cooked easily. Stay with Dorna Trip.


Three cloves of Garlic

Walnut (150 grams)

Pomegranate sauce, tomato paste and sugar (2 tablespoons of each other)

Half of pumpkin

Pepper powder





How to Cook?

  1. Crush cloves of garlics and roast them with oil.
  2. Shred cooked pumpkin and roast it with oil in a pan.
  3. Crush walnuts and boil them in a pot with pomegranate sauce, tomato paste, salt, water, turmeric, pepper powder and sugar for 2 hours on medium temperature. Then add the ingredients of pan to the pot.
  4. Add pumpkin to them.

Attention; Pay attention that oil not be hot when you are decanting ingredients of pan into the pot.

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