Estil Lagoon; First Station of Immigrant Birds

Estil Lagoon; First Station of Immigrant Birds


Estil Lagoon; First Station of Immigrant Birds

If we want to speak about attractions of Astara City, we can say that the most popular attractions are Heyran Canyon, Heyran Telecabin, Latoon Waterfall, Shell Beach, Beach Market and Birds Garden. There are also some unknown attractions here which may not be known, but they are worth-to-visit like Estil Lagoon.


Estil lagoon is one of the beautiful lagoons of Iran. By traveling here, you can watch the nature, mountain and forest. Here is the first place in which immigrant birds stay.

Area of lagoon is 138000 hectares and it is located at the northeast part of Gilan province. Hunting is forbidden here. One of the amazing features of the lagoon is the floating trees moving on water when wind blows.


1. Watching Spectacular Landscape 

Imagine a lagoon with floating trees on water which is surrounded with forest and mounts.

2. Watching Birds

If you like to watch immigrant birds, you can choose Estil lagoon since the flying creatures come here every year from Siberia.

3. Sailing Boats

You can sail boat in the lagoon. Be careful that because of animals like snake, swimming is dangerous. Be careful.

4. Photography

Attractive nature is giving you an opportunity to take the best photos.

5. Picnic

If you like to stay in nature, you can erect a tent here and enjoy your free times.

Best seasons to Go

You can travel there in any season and enjoy watching the birds and the lagoon.


There is only a small park at the northern part of the lagoon which is not constructed completely.


As we said, you can pitch a tent, rent local houses and stay in five-star hotel near the lagoon.

How to get there?

The best way to get there is the way of Astara to Rasht.

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Astara County, Estil Lagoon

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