Chelow Gusht, Cooked Rice with Pieces of Meat


Chelow  Gusht is an ethnic food of Kermanshah province of Iran. Materials used in this food are rice, meat, salt and some types of spices. Keep on reading so that we will explain how to cook. This food is used for wedding ceremonies, funerals, and ….


Sheep Meat with bones (400 grams)

3 medium onions

Water (2 cups)

Tomato paste (a tablespoon)

Bell pepper (in sufficient amount)

 powder of pepper, salt, turmeric, oil, and boiled saffron (in sufficient amount)

How to Prepare?

At first, grate one of the onions like a cube and roast it in small pot of oil with turmeric, powder of pepper and salt. After that, add tomato paste to it. Next step, add torn bell pepper and meat to the mixture until the color of them change. In final step, add water and boiled saffron to it until meat is cooked. When it was ready, eat with cocked rice (we have explained before how to cock rice).

Attention: Don’t add water when oil is hot.

Enjoy your meal?

Attention: At the end of cocking, nearly a cup of water and the mixture should remain.

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