Varzaneh Desert; Enjoy Touching the Sands

Varzaneh Desert; Enjoy Touching the Sands


Varzaneh Desert; Enjoy Touching the Sands

Varzaneh is a desert located in Isfahan Province and it is considered as one of the biggest entertainment sites of Iran. Since the city of Varzaneh is situated in the vicinity of this desert, here is named after that. Varzaneh Desert is located 117 kilometers of Isfahan and 10 kilometers of Varzaneh city. Area of this dry place is 17000 kilometers. There are different sand hills in this desert which are created during the years because of wind erosions. All this region used to be known as Khara region, but today in Google Maps, it is signed as two different parts: Khara Desert and Varzaneh Desert.

Khara region doesn’t attract tourists because most of them believe that sands of it are not suitable for desert entertainments. One of the special features of Varzaneh is the existence of different Plants and animals.


  1. Walking On Warm Sands

On of the best thing to experience here is walking on warm sands without any shoes.

  1. Riding Camel

You can tour back to the past and enjoy lifestyle of the past generations by riding camel.

  1. Sand Riding

Hills of this desert are suitable for sand riding with skies, motors and cars.

  1. Zip line

There are two zip lines here. One of them is in Khara desert with length pf 20 and another one is located in Varzaneh with length of 40 meters.

Attention: Do not use zip lines with cellphone, bags, glasses and etc.

  1. Paraglider

You can fly with paraglider by jumping from high parts of the hills.

  1. Watching the sky

One of the goals of tourist for travelling to the deserts is watching the beautiful desert’s sky at nights.

  1. Camping

Many tourists and passengers enjoy camping with starting fire in deserts.


Don’t worry about staying in Varzaneh. There are facilities near the desert and there are also villages here you can rent houses. In addition, camping can be another option of you.


There is an entertainment desert site with name of Wahe near here in where you can enjoy listening to music, starting fire, watching historical celebrations and etc. This site is consisted of restaurant, field of paintball, state for repairing vehicles and etc.

Attention: Never travel alone to the deserts. Travel with a professional leader and with and one of the local peoples of Varzaneh. Do not forget to take necessary things like sunglasses, bag, sunscreen and etc.

Address: Iran, Isfahan Province, Isfahan to Varzaneh Road, Varzaneh Desert

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