Vanak Church; The Most Popular Religious Place in Isfahan

Vanak Church; The Most Popular Religious Place in Isfahan


Vanak Church; The Most Popular Religious Place in Isfahan

Vanak church, a place for praying and keeping historical things. Holy Amna Perkich or Vanak is placed in Julfa district of Isfahan. Vanak in Armenian language means convent. But why the name of the church is derived from Armenian word? Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Vanak Church.

History of Vanak Church

Vanak church was built during Safavid era in the period of King Abbas the second. When he came back to Iran, he took some Armenian people from cities and villages to Isfahan and destroyed their farm and houses for saving them from Ottoman soldiers. He sheltered Armenian people in Julfa region. They did some actions for establishing their culture, religion and social views. One of their actions was building churches. They built 13 churches. Vanak is the most popular and first one. They built another church on southwestern part of Vanak used by clergies for 50 years. They destroyed the church in the year of 1655 because there was not enough space in first in it so they started to build a new one. Construction of the new church continued until the year of 1664. Then, an inscription was written with gold covered by blue-colored tiles giving information about finishing construction of the church.

Architecture of Vanak Church

Vanak church has different parts like library, museum, official parts and printing offices. For building this place, the Armenian used clay. Tower of the church consists of 3 floors placed on the entrance. On the 2nd floor of the tower, there is a clock with weight of 300 kilograms. On the entrance, there is an inscription of marble stone that gives us information about Mardius Guvorg, who built the tower.

There are two domes around the church which are like the domes of mosques in Safavid era. Between entrance and the small dome, there is a second bell tower (first bell towers is clock tower with 3 floors).

There are beautiful decorations on the walls of the church like paintings and etc.

These paintings show the theme of Bible like born Jesus, resurrection day, heaven and hell. We can refer to some other special parts of the church like Gilding.

Museum of the church dates beck to 100 years ago. Museum is also used as library, built by Tatavus Hunanian. Things kept in the museum are clay palates, vases, sofas, clocks and etc.

How to Get There?

The church is placed near Hakim Nezami street. Get to Hakim Nezami street and follow the church alley.

Address: Iran, Isfahan City, Hakim Nezami Street, Vanak Church Alley

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