Satan`s Hill in Lahijan, Iran


Satan`s Hill in Lahijan, Iran

In the north of Iran, there are three provinces like Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan that in all of them you can find collections of natural wonders and beauties.

Mydorna has previously introduced some places of Mazandaran and in the following lines, we are going to make you familiar with another natural beauty in Gilan Province, called Satan`s Hill.

Satan`s Hill is located in the east part of Lahijan city and annually attracts Iranian and foreign tourists.

Along with the Hill, there is a pond which was used to store water in ancient times.

Nowadays, the pond is changed into an artificial lake and in the center of that we can see a human-made island too.

Apart from what we said, artificial waterfall is made and provides the water of mentioned lake which is known as Lahijan Pool.

If you want to get away from daily problems and take a great break, Mydorna strongly suggests going to Satan`s Hill.

How to get there?

As we said, you have firstly go to Rasht, capital city of Gilan Province, and then to Lahijan. After that, taking a taxi or using public transportation are suitable options.

Address: Iran, Rasht, capital of Gilan Province, east part of Lahijan city, Satan`s Hill.

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