Subatan; Dreamy Heaven

Subatan; Dreamy Heaven


Sobatan; Dreamy Heaven

Subatan or Suvatun is a rural district in Talesh county. You can find any aspect of heaven here; springs, rivers, waterfalls, cool weather and etc.

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Imagine green farms in where wild horses live, small wooden cottages, gentle breeze moving flowers. These are just small positive points of Subatan.

Subatan is located 20 kilometers west of Lisar near Talesh county. This heaven is surrounded by other heavens, for example, there is Lisar river in north of Subatan and in west, Neor lake and green lands of Ardabil are situated. Height of the village is 1900 meters upper than the surface of the sea, so it has cool weather in springs and summers.

If you visit here in spring, you will see plains which are covered with anemones. Nearly all of the district is vacant in winters because of snowfall and very cold weather, but in springs, people come back to Subatan.

One of the small beauties of Subatan is Small wooden cottages which are built by wood of oak. The cottages are suitable for tourists who want to stay here. Watching wild horses and the view of green lands from cottages will give you marvelous feeling.

Subatan is an old region. Some gold and silver things with plates are found here that date back to Achaemenes era. Different beauties of Subatan attract many tourists every year watching sunset landscape and animals like horses are undefinable beauty.

 There is a bazar near Subatan in that you can find many things like home appliances and different foods. Never forget to try ethnic foods of Here. If you want to travel to Subatan, don’t worry about staying. You can rent suites or cottages. There are also supermarkets and restaurants near Subatan.


Souvenirs of Subatan are ethnic yogurt and butter. You can also buy fuzzy clothes in markets near here.


Sobatan is consisted of two parts.

So: Place

Batan:  Flowing water in soil

Sobatan means a region in where water gushes out and turns back in the ground.

Best seasons for Traveling to Sobatan

You can’t travel in winters. Best seasons for traveling are spring and summer.

How to Get There?

  1. Lisar to Subatan: A jungle way needs 10 hours of walking. This way is so hard to pass and we offer that to professional tourists.
  2. Talesh to Sobatan: distance from Talesh to Sobatan is 43 kilometers

Address: Iran, Gilan Province, Talesh County, Subatan Region

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