Narenj Castle; The Oldest Part of Isfahan Province

Narenj Castle; The Oldest Part of Isfahan Province


Narenj Castle; The Oldest Part of Isfahan Province

Narin or Narenj castle is the oldest part of Naein city and Isfahan province that dates back to Sassanid and Parthian empires.

History of Narenj Castle

This place dates back to Parthian and Sassanid empires and is the oldest place of Isfahan province. After Jameh mosque of Naein, Narenj Castle with height of 40 meters is also the highest part in this city.

Usage of Narenj Castle

There are different hypotheses about this castle. Some people say that Narenj Castle was used as fireplace before Islam. Some people say that this castle was uses as military base, because there are ditches near that. Some other people say that here was the place of living kings. Narenj Castle is the core of the city and the core of each city was used as a fireplace or place of living kings. As we said, there are ditches around this castle with depth of 10 meters. Narenj Castle has several towers made with clay. This castle was used in wars like wars of King Mozafar, Mobarez-ad-din and Ashraf Chupani. It also was used in Qajar era. This place was recorded as a national work in the year of 1986.

How to Get There?

This place is located near Dr Taba Street. After traveling to Naein city, go to Dr Taba St.

Address: Iran, Isfahan province, Naein City, Dr Taba St.

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