Museum of Music; Collection of Music Tools

Museum of Music; Collection of Music Tools


Museum of Music; Collection of Music Tools

When tourists here the name of Isfahan, they recall its popular places like Ali Qapu, Sio-Se-Pol, Hasht Behesht Palace and etc.

Among these attractions, there is another one like Museum of Music. In this museum, you can see more than 300 music tools which may not be found in other countries. You can also buy Iranian music tools from here.


Significance of music in Isfahan made two musicians with names of Mehrdad Jeyhuni and shahriar shokrani establish a museum of art in Isfahan, in the year of 2015.

Different Parts

  1. Main Hall

In main hall, you can see different music tools introduced in Persian and English languages.

  1. Hall of Local Music Tools

There is a hall separated from the main part. Here, there are local music tools of Iran.

  1. Chiefs of Musicians Part

There is a section for chief of musicians that you can get information about it by asking them.

  1. Live Performance

You can watch a live performance in this museum and enjoy it.

  1. Making Tools Workshop

If you want to know how music tools are made, you can know more here.

Names of Different Music Tools

In the following lines, there are some popular music tools:

  1. Organ
  2. Harp
  3. Bagpipes
  4. Flute
  5. Bass drum

Facilities in Museum of Music

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Music Tools Shop
  3. Professional Musicians
  4. Playing Audio and Video Music
  5. Virtual Tour

Address: Iran, Isfahan City, Tohid Street, Shahid Ghandi, Mehrdad Street, No 47

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