Mesr; A Village With The Name of Egypt

Mesr; A Village With The Name of Egypt


Mesr; A Village With The Name of Egypt

Location of Mesr Village

Mesr is a village in the vicinity of Khor and Biabanak city in Isfahan province. This village is located in Dasht-e Kavir, 45 kilometers east of Jandag city and 60 kilometers in north of Khor city. Mesr village or Mesr desert is exactly in the middle of the road of Damghan to Naein and Isfahan. This village is one of the tourist attractions of Iran that its name is familiar for most of the passengers.


Why Is It Called Mesr?

since this village is not older than 100 years and its founder was a person named Joseph, people used to call here Farm of Joseph. After some years, a severe drought occurred in Mesr, so Joseph was forced to dig some wells. For several years, people used the water of the wells until it was finished. Again, Joseph dug some wells and since the Prophet Joseph was in Egypt, people of this village named here Mesr. Mesr is the equivalent of Egypt in Persian.

Joseph ordered to make a long path in the middle of the village because he believed that in the future Mesr is going to be very crowded and now Joseph`s prediction has come true since this Mesr is one of the tourist attraction of Iran.

Tourist Attractions of Mesr Village

The existence of deep wells of water, the green region in desert, Gaz trees, the existence of old houses and their reconstruction to accommodate tourists, motorcycles, camels in the desert and most importantly, the presence of cane land within 5 kilometers of the village are the factors that attract tourists in the heart of the desert. Also, Many Iranian astronomers have chosen this place to set up their observation workshops.

How to Get There?

Since this village is in the vicinity of Khor and Biabanak city in Isfahan province, the closest and shortest way get there, is this way.

Address: Iran, Isfahan province, Mesr village

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