Matinabad Desert Camp; Resort And Organic Eco-Camp

Matinabad Desert Camp; Resort And Organic Eco-Camp


Matinabad Desert Camp; Resort And Organic Eco-Camp


Matinabad Desert Camp is the first eco-camp in Iran located in 25 south of Natanz and 60 kilometers southeast of Kashan city. Here, the tourists can use reproducible energies like solar and wind.

It is a positive point for tourists because during the day, there is warm water for taking a bath or when there is no electricity in the city, the camp uses solar energy for electricity.

This camp was established by Ashraf Vaghefi. The camp is located between Isfahan and Kashan and it is near to mountains and desert. With this feature, tourists can visit different attractions of Kashan and Isfahan. There are different landscapes here. Most of the residents of the plain are living here for more than 300 years. People of Matinabad holding ancient celebrations every year.


1. Wild Life: Near here, there are den of different animals and birds like wild cats, foxes, wolves, falcon and etc. There are also different desert plants like cactus and tamarisk.

2. Watching The Sky: As we explained in last post, desert is a suitable place for watching the sky. You can see the spectacular landscape of the sky after 10:00 p.m.

3. Riding: Riding camel, ostrich, bike and motocross could be a good recreation.

4. Visiting Domestic Animals: you can get to places for keeping domestic animals like camels and horses.

5. Fruits, Foods and Vegetables: Different fruits and vegetables of here are organic. You can also order different foods here.

6. Photography

Other attractions

When you are in Matinabad camp, do not miss the other attractions around here. For example, you can see different parts of the cities like Borujerdis house in Kashan or Si-O-Se Pol in Isfahan.


  1. Permanent Tents

Staying in tents in desert will make you think you are a Bedouin. You can look outside with just a window that is in the center of tent. There are 12 medium and 24 large tents here. All of the tents have different facilities like lamb, mosquito net and etc.

  1. Caravanserai

If you want to have an experience old civilization, Caravanserai is a suitable place for you. Architecture of suites and rooms in the caravanserai near here is related to the ancient times. There are small rooms near alcoves named as Gushvareh rooms. Alcoves were used by Kings and officials. When the capacity of alcoves was full, officials were transferred to Gushvareh rooms.

  1. Clay cottages

There is a region with 13 cottages and it is like a small village.


  1. Teahouse of the camp is at the 2nd floor of the main building.
  2. Restaurant of the camp is located at the northwestern part.
  3. Bathrooms and toilets are located at the northern part of caravanserai.
  4. Never forget to take personal things like clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste and etc.
  5. Cooking foods, setting fire and tenting is forbidden here.

How to Get There?

Travel to Fami region in Isfahan province. You will find the camp near there.

Address: Iran, Isfahan Province, Matinabad Desert Camp

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