Local Costume of Women of Lurs


Local Costume of Women of Lurs

dorna has talked about local costume of men of Lurs and in this post, it is going to speak about local costume of women of Lurs.

Local costume of women of Lurs have 8 pieces that in the following lines, you can find some information.

Kolahak & Roosari (scarf)

Women of Lurs make piece of cloth which is like a scarf. This cloth is made of silk and its color is black & white or sometime flowery.

Pirahan (shirt)

Shirt of women of Lurs is long and loose. Its collar is round which can be tightened by buttons. The fabric of the cloth is always colorful.

Women of Lurs usually wear two shirts on each other. They consider the first cloth as undershirt. The undershirt is long and plain and it is made of braid.

It is worth to mention that the shirt which is worn on the undershirt is made of silk.

Shalvar (pants)

The upper part of pants of women of Lurs is loose and wide. The shape of the pants is conical.

Pants of these women are made of silk and decorated by sequins. Also, the pants have two parts and two colors.

Typically, from wrist to ankle is considered as one part and from ankle to waist another part.

The pants worn by women of Lurs are usually colorful and flowery, with attractive paintings.

Jelitghe (jerkin)

Jerkin of women of Lurs is open and does not have any button. Additionally, piping can be seen on the jerkin.

Yal & Kolanja (coat)

Women of Lurs have two types of coats. The first type is like any typical coat. The other one is called Kolanja. Kolanja is made of silk and unlike the first type, it is not tightened by buttons. The sleeves and collar of Kolanja is decorated by piping.


Sardari is a piece of cloth that its length is from head to hills. Sardari is made of black, green or sometime red silk. Piping can also be seen in Sardari.

Kafsh (shoes)

Similar to men of Lurs, shoes of women of Lurs are made of leather by Kurdish people in Kurdistan.

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