Berenje Waterfall; Unknown Even in Iran

Berenje Waterfall; Unknown Even in Iran


Berenje Waterfall; Unknown Even in Iran

If you review the previous posts of myDorna from Lorestan province, you will see that most of these places which are introduced are waterfalls and natural beauties. We also want to make you familiar with another must-go places in this beautiful province; Berenje Waterfall.

About Berenje Waterfall

Most of Iranian even don`t know that such a waterfall exists in their country since the road to this natural beauty is not easy to have access to.

One of the unique features of Berenje Waterfall is that its shape is stair-like. These kinds of waterfalls are so rare in the world and one of them is situated in Iran.

Berenje Waterfall is 2 kilometers away from Pir-Emam town, the vicinity of Aligoodarz city, and due to the fact that the road leading to it is mostly impassable not everyone is aware of its existence.

This natural waterfall is made of three big and large stairs and ultimately its height is about 750 meters.

Some people believe that Berenje Waterfall is the 13th longest waterfall in the world.

Although this waterfall is always running, the water of that is so faint in some seasons of the year that we can consider it as a seasonal waterfall.

The beginning of spring is the best time if you want to visit Berenje Waterfall because in this span of time it has water.

How to Get There?

After going to Lorestan province in Iran, you have to go to the road of Aligoodarz and then use Pir-Emam detour to reach this waterfall.

Address: Iran, Lorestan province, Aligoodarz to Pir-Emam city, Berenje Waterfall

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