Burqa; Islamic Costume

Burqa; Islamic Costume


Burqa; Islamic Costume

Burqa is the name of Islamic costume. It is also known as Chadri or Paranja in Central Asia. Burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their body and face in public.

In Iran and Hormozgan province, some women wear Burqa. Burqa or Borqe is made of Cloth and leather and is also one of the handicrafts of southern provinces of Iran. In Iran, Borqe was used from the advent of Islam until Pahlavi dynasty, but Reza Pahlavi banned it. After finishing the reign of Reza Pahlavi, limitation of using chador and other religion clothes was lifted and just Hormozgani people worn Borqe.


Borqe is an Arabic word meaning hijab which covers body of women in front of men. Materials used in Borqe are cotton, wood sticks with silver and golden yarns.

Culture of Using Borqe

Young girls used red, orange and yellow Borqe, but the elders and married women wear dark Borqe. Half sewed Borqe is mostly worn by widows. Red Borqe is also poplular among the Baluch. Hot red Borqe is used for single and engaged girls. In other countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan this type of is cloth is used, while in some countries like Switzerland, Australia and European Countries it is forbidden.

Regions in Iran Wearing Borqe

  1. Batooleh
  2. Langeh
  3. Tabileh in Fars

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