Tradition of Arabs to Drink Coffee

Tradition of Arabs to Drink Coffee


Tradition of Arabs to Drink Coffee

You drink coffee and don`t think about this almost-always-bitter beverage. It might be interesting to know that coffee is a popular drink among Arabs while its origin is the country of Ethiopia in Africa.

Drinking coffee is a very famous and full-of-rituals ceremony in countries and cities in which Arabs live. They offer a cup of coffee in a particular way. They pour coffee in a cup in a special manner. If you are interested to know more about this tradition and culture, be with myDorna.

In-Ceremony Traditions

Dallah is a cuprous coffeepot in which Arabs pour coffee and put it on fire to make it ready. Its color is mostly golden and you can find it in almost every city that Arabs exist.

Arabs of Iran have also their own tradition of drinking coffee. It is interesting to know that this ceremony is recorded as a national heritage of Iran.

Sometime, when the cabinet travel to Khuzestan province, Arabs welcome the governors with coffee, so it is a symbol of their culture.

Dallah in Cities of Arabs

As we said, Dallah is the symbol of Arabs` culture; therefore, if you go to cities like Ahwaz, Shadegan, Soosangerd, Hamidie, Khorramshahr, Abadan and Molla Sani, you will see a large Dallah in one of the square of these cities.

How to Make Coffee with Dallah?

According to their beliefs, Arabs get the seeds of coffee with a tool named as Mahmas to grill. Then, they grind them in a mortar to make them ready for their ceremony. At the last step, Arabs pour water in Dallah and when the water boils, add grinded coffee and use cardamom to make it smell good.

How to Drink Coffee?

When coffee is ready to drink, a person gets Dallah in his Left hand and the cup in his Right hand. If there was a Seyed, decedents of Prophet Mohammad, the host would start giving coffee from him; otherwise, they start from the most elder person and continue their ceremony from his right side.

On the other side, the person who wants to drink coffee, must get the cup in his right hand and if he gets it with his left hand, Arabs consider it as a disrespectful action.

When the person, who is giving coffee, finished pouring in the cup, he must tap it to Dallah and hear the sound of it, then give it to the person who wants to drink.

The coffee which is poured in cup, is bitter. When the person drank coffee, he should shake his hand in order to make the person understand that it is enough.

How to Clean Dallahs?

The most common way of cleaning Dallah is to pour lemon juice and add salt. After half an hour, we can clean it with a sponge.

Had you ever thought that drinking coffee is that much complicated? Did you have any idea of this ceremony? Share your opinions below.

In the video above, you will see an Arab teaching to the Chairman of Russia how to drink coffee.


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