Golabgiri; A Fragrant Tradition

Golabgiri; A Fragrant Tradition


Golabgiri; A Fragrant Tradition

Golabgiri is a traditional ceremony which is held every year in different cities of Iran form the end of April up to the end of June.

Meimand in Fars province is the first city in which Golabgiri is conducted.

Every year, almost 2 million tourist come to the city of Meimand to be in this fragrant tradition which has become part of the culture of local people. From Meimand, 12 tons of rosewater is made annually.

In other cities such as Darab in Fars province and Ghamsar, Niasar, Barazk and Azvar in Isfahan province, Golabgiri is performed in the time span we mentioned above.

It is worth saying that Golabgiri in Ghamsar is the most popular one among other cities`.

Iranian people use the rosewater of Ghamsar, Meimand and other cities to make drinks and traditional syrups.

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