Transportation in Shiraz; City of Orange Blossoms

Transportation in Shiraz; City of Orange Blossoms


Transportation in Shiraz; City of Orange Blossoms

Existence of public transportation is one of the reasons that passengers travel to a city. In this post we try to speak about transportation of Shiraz. Be with DornaTrip.

 Shiraz International Airport

The International Airport of Shahid Dastgheib located in Shiraz is the largest airport of Iran after Imam Khomeini in Tehran.

How to Get There?

You can get there by Shahid Dastgheyb Metro and bus stations from Modarres Boulevard.

Address: Iran, Shiraz, Modarres Boulevard, International Airport of Shahid Dastgheyb

Train Station of Shiraz

One of the newly-founded stations of Iran. This station connects Shiraz to Qom, Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad.

Address: Shiraz, Near Sadra Region and Police Station of Arkan to Shiraz Road.


There are 5 terminals in Shiraz city from which you can have access to other cities by buses.

  1. Amirkabir
  2. Karandish
  3. Shahid Modarres
  4. Ali Ebn Hamzeh
  5. Tabaei

Traveling by Car

If you want to travel by car, you can enter the city from four ways:

Northern Way: Quran Gate

Southeastern: Persian Gulf Boulevard.

Southwestern: Amirkabir Boulevard.

Western: Professor Hesabi Boulevard

Internal Transportation

Internal transportation of Shiraz is consisted of Metro, Bus and Taxies. The main in-city transportation vehicles are buses to which you can have access in the most parts of the city. Taxies of the Shiraz are available on specific lines or can be accessed nearly to all points of the city without any limitation.

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