Tomb of Cyrus; Founder of Achaemenid Empire

Tomb of Cyrus; Founder of Achaemenid Empire


Tomb of Cyrus; Founder of Achaemenid Empire

Have you heard about Cyrus? Do you like to visit his tomb? So, keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Tomb of Cyrus.

Description of Cyrus` Tomb

Tomb of Cyrus is the most valuable part of Pasargadae. Every year many people from around the world visit here.

About Cyrus

Cyrus was the founder of Achaemenid Empire. He defeated Mads and expanded his territories. He reigned nearly on 44.5 percent of the world. He also conquered some countries and cities of west like Babel and freed Jews from prisons. Cylinder of human rights which has been written by Cyrus is kept in New York city.

Dome of Cyrus was recorded in UNESCO in the year of 2004. Historical collection of Pasargadae is located in Morghab plain of Shiraz city. It is said that his dome was built by himself before his death. People of the world know him as a wise, kind and peacemaker man.

History of Cyrus` Tomb

As we explained, Cyrus’ dome was built by himself that dates back to 2500 years ago, but there are different stories about the time of construction. The most important one says that he built his dome between Pasargadae palaces and gardens. Pasargadae was the most beautiful city in the world during Achaemenid empire which was destroyed by Alexander. Cyrus died in 529 B.C. His dome was protected by soldiers. Next kings of Achaemenid Empire, used to get permission from Cyrus in their coronation ceremonies.

Invasion of Alexander

When Alexander invaded Iran, he set fire to gardens of Pasargadae. He also stole inscriptions and valuable things.

Mother of Solomon

After establishing Islam in Iran, one of the famous names given to the dome is Mother of Salomon. What does it mean?

During different invasions, several names were given to the dome of Cyrus. The people believed that the stones of dome couldn`t be pushed and pulled by humans and Solomon used to move them by ghosts and elves. In different times, many people believed that this place is the burial ground of mother of Solomon.

How to Get There?

Travel to Shiraz or Marvdasht. Find Saadatshar to Safashahr highway. Pasargadae way is connected to this highway. Follow Pasargadae way to Reach Tomb of Cyrus.

Address: Iran, Fars province, Shiraz city, Pasargadae, Dome of Cyrus

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