Raghz Canyon; A Natural Treasure

Raghz Canyon; A Natural Treasure


Raghz Canyon; A Natural Treasure

If you want to see the beauties of nature and at the same time get excited, myDorna strongly suggests you travelling to Raghz canyon. So, keep reading to get familiar with this remote and terrific part of Iran.

Description of Raghz Canyon

Raghz canyon is located on northwest of Darab county in Fars province. This canyon consists of different waterfalls and rivers with pure water. If you travel to this place, you will have a good feeling and you don’t want to leave there.

Some parts of the canyon are cold, but some parts are warm because of sun radiation. Length of the canyon is 5 kilometers and is surrounded by tall walls. There are 64 waterfalls in Raghz canyon that for climbing up from 12 you need to use rope.

The shortest waterfall is 6 meters and the tallest is 65. Also, there are some ponds under waterfalls that the depth of which is ranging from 6 to 20 meters. If you can not swim, we offer you never approach this ponds.

Hints About Raghz Canyon

If you want to travel to Raghz canyon and pass all the ways, never forget to have climbing tools like rope, climbing shoes, tent, flashlight and life jacket for people who can’t swim.

Attention: never go to this place alone.

Guidance: The best season for travelling is spring.

How to Get There?

You should travel to Darab county in Fars province. After passing 35 kilometers in road of Darab to Shiraz, you will reach Derakuyeh strait. After 2 hours of driving you will have passed dirt road. You need to walk to reach Yadak river. Then you should pass the slopes. Finally, after passing slopes, you will reach the first river of the canyon.

Address: Iran, Fars province, Darab county, Hasanabad village, Raghz canyon

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