Shahcheragh; Third Holy Shrine of Iran

Shahcheragh; Third Holy Shrine of Iran


Shahcheragh; Third Holy Shrine of Iran

Shahcheragh Shrine is the burial place of Imam Reza’s Brother with name of Ahmad. This place was built in the 12th century. Dome of the shrine is tiled with beautiful effects. Isa Bahadori planned for tiling it. Be with myDorna to know more.


Seyed Amir Ahmad was one of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem. Date of the birth is unknown. After his father’s death, people thought he was the next Imam of Shias, but on a tribune he told people that my brother is the successor of my father. For visiting his brother, Ahmad intended to move to Khorasan and at first, reached Shiraz with many Shias. Mamun Abbasi was afraid of this movement and ordered to take them back to Baghdad. Soldiers of Mamun entered Shahcheragh`s house and killed him.


Porch of the shrine is located in eastern part and it was constructed during Qajar era. 12 chambers have been built with two floors. There are two ways beside the main entrance of the shrine that lead to the shrine.

Roof of the porch is decorated masterfully and on some part of columns here, you will see names of Allah. Foot side of columns is covered with marble stones. For the first time, the shrine was constructed during Buyid era. Then, it was repaired during the years like Atabakan era, Safavid, Nader Shah and Qajar. After Islamic revolution, apron of shrine was repaired. It consists of 162 booths. Area of the shrine is 14 thousands square meters. There a pool in apron and wooden fences in some parts.

In Qajar era, the shrine was decorated with silver and it had different poems in Arabic and Persian. Most parts of the shrine have been decorated with silver and top of it is decorated with gold. There are 6 doors reaching the shrine. Before, it was just one entrance and for entering easier and nearer gates, different entrances were built.

Shahcheragh Holy Shrine, Shiraz

Dome of The Shrine

Dome of the shrine was constructed during Atabakan period and it was repaired during Mozafar dynasty. The dome was destroyed in 18th century by an earthquake and was repaired by governor of Fars. In 1959, the old dome was removed and a new metal one was replaced. There are two minarets in each side of the dome.

Museum of Here

A small museum was built in 1925 in which nearly 4000 valuable things are kept.


Cheragh in English means lamp or lantern.  No one knows the place of burial of Amir Ahmad. In the past, an old woman used to turn a light on near mornings and put it on one part of the soil. One day, she thought that may be an Imamzadeh is buried here. So, she reported it to the governor of Shiraz. After discovering place of burial, it became famous as Shahcheragh.

How to Get There?

The Holy Shrine is located between 9 Dey and Lotfali Khan Zand Streets that you can find it on the map.

Address: Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz City, Shahcheragh Holy Shrine

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