Local Costume of Men of Lurs in Iran


dorna has already introduced local costume of Kurdish people and now, it is going to familiarize you with local costume of Lurs.

Local costume of men of Lurs has 7 pieces about which you can see some information below.

Kolah (nomad hat)

Lurs hats are mostly made of nomad and their length is about 25 to 28 centimeters. The color of Lurs` hat is mainly black and some threads are dangling from top to down.

Pirahan (shirt)

The shape of Lurs` shirt is almost simple with no special model. The sleeves are mainly long and loose. middle part of the shirt is open. The color which Lurs` usually use to choose for their hat, is most of the time white and sometime colorful.

Shalvar (pants)

Lurs` pants are mostly black and the upper part is looser than bottom.

Sotre (coat)

Lurs use the word Sotere as an equivalent for coat. Sotre is long and simple. The front of that is open. It has two pockets on each side. Sotre does not have any buttons and the Lurs use a piece of fabric to tighten it to their waist.

Shal Kamar

The piece of fabric by which the Lurs` tighten the sotre is called Shal Kamar. Shal Kamar is mostly black and sometime colorful.

Pay Poosh (shoes)

Shoes used by the Lurs are called Giveh which are made of leather by Kurdish people.


Shola is a piece of cloth that shepherds of Lurs wear when they work. Shola does not have any sleeve and it is so long. Lurs wear shola on their typical clothes.

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