Khazineh Canyon; An American Canyon in Iran

Khazineh Canyon; An American Canyon in Iran


Khazineh Canyon; An American Canyon in Iran

Khazineh canyon is a great place with amazing nature. This place is the home to the longest suspension bridge in Middle East. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Khazineh Canyon.

Description of Khazineh Canyon

There is a rock surrounded by river. Khazineh canyon is the result of erosions during the years. The canyon is like Grand Canyon in the U.S, so if you get here, will have such an experience of being in America.

The canyon is located on the way of Pol-e Dokhtar to Andimeshk city near Darreh Khazineh village in Lorestan province. A Karkheh river gives an awesome nature to the canyon. We intended to upload two photos. The first one is a photo of Grand Canyon and the second one is a photo of Khazineh. We do so, to make comparison between two places.

Suspension Bridge

This wooden bridge with 112 meters is the longest in Middle East. Materials of the bridge are woods and four rows of ropes.

The bridge has been built above Karkheh river with height of 85 meters that connect two borders; Ilam and Lorestan province.

If you stand on the bridge, you feel that as if you are in apartment with 29 floors. Hearing voice of water, pendulum motion of bridge and looking down will make you so excited. The canyon is also a place for rock climbing because of high cliffs.

Best seasons for visiting the canyon are spring and summer.

How to Get There?

First, go to Pol-e Dokhtar town and follow the way to Andimeshk. After passing 47 kilometers, follow the way to Darreh Khazineh village and after passing 5 kilometers, you will find the canyon.

Address: Iran, Lorestan Province, Darreh Khazineh Village, Khazineh Canyon

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