Falakolaflak Citadel; Castle of Sassanid’s

Falakolaflak Citadel; Castle of Sassanid’s


Falakolaflak Citadel; Castle of Sassanid’s

One of the attractions of Lorestan province is Flakolaflak citadel dating back to Sassanid Empire. Keep reading so that myDorna makes you familiar with Falakolaflak Citadel.

Description of Falakolaflak Citadel

The citadel is placed on a hill in the central part of Khorramabad and it is a symbol of history and culture of Lorestan province. Sassanid kings built a city with name of Shapurkhast near Khorramabad which was destroyed and instead of that, a new city was built with name of Khorramabad.

Falakolaflak used to be a citadel of Shapurkhast and after building a new city, its name changed to citadel of Khorramabad. This citadel was the base of Sassanid kings. It had different usages; a base in Sassanid and Safavid era and prison in reign of Pahlavi dynasty. But after Islamic revolution, it is used as a museum and classic printing office.

Materials of Falakolaflak Citadel

For construction of Falakolaflak, brick, clay, stone and adobe are used.

Situation of Citadel

It is Placed on a hill with height of 40 meters. Area of historical part is 120000 and inner area of that is 5300 square meters.

Falakolaflak has 8 towers, 2 aprons and 4 big halls. There is a river running under citadel known as Golsan. Entrance of Citadel is in the northern part of it. There are two arcades in parallel lines, under one of which, there is a well used for storing water.

Hall of Anthropology Museum

There are paintings and pictures about the tradition of people in the past which are kept in anthropology museum. There are also some stones of monuments showing the vocations of people of the last generations.

Museum of History

There are different things like clay vases that date back to B.C.

How to Get There?

The citadel is located in Imam Khomeini street. You can get there by any vehicle.

Address: Iran, Lorestan province, Khorramabad city, Falakolaflak Citadel

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