Lariha House; Sample of Luxurious Place in Ancient Times

Lariha House; Sample of Luxurious Place in Ancient Times


Lariha House; Sample of Luxurious Place in Ancient Times


Lariha House is located in Fahadan region near other nice places like Alexander’s Prison.


Based on documents, it seems that Lariha House was for one of the Merchants of the Yazd. The house consists of 6 main parts and the design of that is like houses of desert. Until Pahlavi reign, it was used as a monastery.

During the passage of time, it became vacant and got damaged because of not paying attention to it. In the year of 1984, the house was bought from its owner with name of Ali Yazdi Nejad and then it got repaired.


Lariha House is built in a way that make strangers not to look into it. The house has tall walls, tunnels, view of windward, different rooms and a pool in the middle of it. Doors, windows, walls and materials of the house are sample of a luxurious house in ancient times.

All and all, the main parts of the house are two yards that one of them is small and another one is big. In northeastern of the house, there is a small yard and room. You can go out of the house from here. There are other doors leading to stable, kitchen and stockpile. Main yard of the house is a big one that in shape of rectangle facing to northeast and southwest. Southwestern part of the yard is more important than northeastern. Tall walls of the house have made the yard to be used as a canopy. All main rooms, halls and porches have been built around the main yard. In southeastern part of the house, there are rooms and facilities. Main yard has a tall porch. There is a tall windward behind the porch of the house. There is also another porch located inside of the smaller yard. There is another yard that separate from the main part of the house. There are stairs leading to the basement in where the people used to store water.

How to Get There?

Get to Fahadan region in Yazd City. The house is located across from Sharbaf Hotel.

Address: Iran, Yazd City, Fahadan Region, Lariha House

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