Khorram Abadi Shami Kebab


Khorram Abadi Shami Kebab

In Lorestan province (Iran), one of the traditional foods is called Shami Kebab. In this part we intend to introduce you how to bake it.

Ingredients for Shami Kebab

Swiss Steak (250 grams)

four medium Potatoes

 one or 2 Eggs

 a medium Onion

Turmeric, Pepper, Salt (in amount that need)

White or Semolina Flour (in amount of two table spoons)

Grenadine (in amount of two table spoons)

Pressed walnut (200 grams)

Soft Oil

Tarragon, Savory, and Parsley (in amount of three table spoons)

How to Bake

At first, grate the onion and potatoes.

Fry onion in skewer with oil and add turmeric to it. Then add pressed walnut, a bit grenadine and vegetables, and water in amount of one and half a cup. Alleviate the stove heat and wait until the oil of walnut comes out.

In second step, in the other skewer, combine swiss steak, pressed walnut, eggs, pepper, salt, turmeric, and flours and knead them.

Then fry the meats in oil.

Finally, combine the ingredients in the one skewer and let them bake for 30 minutes on low stove heat.

Attention: taste of this food is sour. Based on your wish, you can make it lower by adding sugar.

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